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January 10, 2008



OK, I had the same reactions you did--don't be using my chocolate and what do you mean waste chocolate!

But it really is cool just how much they're finding they can use for fuel.

Don Mills Diva

I saw that story and I too was like "sounds like a waste of precious chocolate to me" but I agree it is amazing.

Multi-tasking Mommy

WOW! That's pretty cool.


Well technically I believe our trip was partially powered by truffles and smarties (and brownies and...).

metro mama

That's pretty damned cool.

You're making me nostalgic.

Mac and Cheese

Big Turk or Eatemore bars would be the best fuel. There isn't much other use for those particular brands.


I disagree - I like Eatmore and Big Turk. Let's use up the extraneous Mounds & Almond Joy of the world.

Rosebud & Papoosie Girl

One for me and one for the tank, one for me and one for the tank. Yeah that might work!

My Mom's husbands nephews run all their cars on biodiesel so I have seen first hand how cool this is, however any form of chocolate should be revered I say.


Sigh. I miss you ladies.

And when I was little and would pretend to drive my parents' car, I ALWAYS drove to Timbuktu. It just sounds fun, doesn't it?


Waste chocolate? How do I get the contract to haul away the waste chocolate? I'll undercut any other bidder...


I really want to know what's happening to the waste chocolate now. Like, are there big landfills of chocolate? And how do I apply for employment there?


No kidding. It seems SOMEthing could be made by the car companies. At least! But too bad this one didn't smell like a Hershey bar when it ran!


lisa b

no chocolate is waste chocolate.
but still that is cool.

Lady M

Now I'm hungry.

Lady M

I should have added that it doesn't take a lot to make me hungry these days though.


Sign me up!


I'm afraid there'd be some late nights that you would find me in the garage siphoning the chocolate out of the car. Someone has got to confirm that it really doesn't taste the same.


Hemp power, baby! Hemp could save the world! (in other words, hands OFF the chocolate, fellas)

And thank you so much for putting up our Green Mom Finds button!


Sadly, I can easily imagine myself licking the gas cap...


There's waste in making chocolate? Can't. Wrap. My. Brain. Around. That.

Wonder if there'd be a taste difference between "leaded" and "unleaded". Maybe leaded would mean "with nuts."


Go see my blog. I gave you something. ;)



When I was working at the chocolate factory they had a mishap. While they were switching from their regular milk chocolate to dark chocolate they accidentally used a batch with nuts in it. The whole system had to be purged and sterilized to prevent any possible allergic reactions to their customers. This meant that a huge amount of chocolate had to be thrown out. I mean you could have easily built yourself a Pyramid or the Great Wall of chocolate there was so much. (or drive to the real one)

On a more serious note I do drive a VW TDI and saw an interesting product that would allow you to burn regular cooking oil for fuel. Greasecar.com sells conversion kits for about $1000.00 but allows you to keep your original diesel system for convenience. The duel fuel option is a great idea and allows you make the most of a waste product.

Her Bad Mother

Totally same reaction you had: WASTE OF CHOCOLATE. Give me enough chocolate and I could travel pretty far, too. With less emissions.

Bobby - Gourmet Chocolate

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I can relate the story about wasting the chocolates?


well,chocolates prices are depend on the quality of chocolates we buy.

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