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March 20, 2008



I was just talking about that episode of "I Love Lucy" yesterday! Oh, the comedy.

I bought three bars of Green & Black's organic chocolate today: Dark 70%, Mint, and Maya Gold. Yummo.


I guess "Bem-vindos amantes de chocolate do Brasil" would be a better title. :)
Good post indeed. I love chocolate.


Delicious post! And they do sell Garoto chocolates in T.O. At alot of bulk food places they do carry them.
You do know I'm from Brazil right?? Next time one of my cousin's come to visit I'll tell them to bring lots of chocolate!


That's hilarious that you got a bunch of traffic from a Brazilian article about chocolate. Hey, whatever works, right? At least you know the readers and you have something in common!

Lisa b

Chocolate will save the world!
that is the best I love lucy ever.

Rosebud & Papoosie Girl

Mmmn chocolate.


I love Lucy. And chocolate.


I've had many Garoto chocolates, and they're yummy. Remind me to bring some the next time I see you.

Mac and Cheese

You're so lucky. All my hits come from lousy cooks wanting to better their mac and cheese recipes.


A National Chocolate Research Institute?

That's it. I'm moving.

Chicky Chicky Baby

My sis just got back from six(!) weeks in Brazil and she brought us back some chocolate (and some shoes too, but that's a whole other addiction entirely). You should see the size of the chocolate egg she brought Chicky. It's bigger than her head!

Want some? ;)

I have a chocolate secret

Heads up - You can find Garoto chocolate at Loblaws, or is it Dominion(?) it's the supermarket on Front street near the Rainbow cinemas...there is a small selection in the bulk section where all the bulk bins are...I must say they are good!!

Kathryn Beach

Ultimate Lucy, ultimate chocolate,and I'm always available for chocolate research too. I'm right behind Mac and Cheese...


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Leticia Burmann

I saw this article and I have to agree a 100%! Garoto is one of the best chocolate in Brazil... and I can tell you that for sure..because we are from Brazil!

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As a Chocolate lover ourselves, we know that the Brazilian chocolate is on of the best, we try a lot of different ones since we move to United States four years ago, but so far we are still using the white chocolate that we bring from Brazil to make our truffles.

There are two big chocolate companies in Brazil : Garoto and Lacta, they both have the same taste and price and they both work very well to eat in desserts, to make our truffles or other recipes.

Of course we can get really good chocolate here too, we make our truffles with local dark and milk chocolate, and the taste is almost the same. Sometimes it's expensive to bring all this chocolate from Brazil, we have to use local suppliers to make our chocolate truffles.

Well, hope you all the best!
Chocolate lovers!

Leticia Burmann

Leticia Burmann

sorry I forgot the link


Brazilian Garotos are delicious....but we do have great chocolate too in Bariloche.

Take a look...
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Ferrero Rocher philippines

Very nice video this so informative,since i am a chocolate lover its great for me to find you blog. Thank you so much please keep posting!



I want to see and taste that chocolates.I was so curious about your blog......


the video is just like a old comedy movies.it is getting more entertaining if it is have a color.


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