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September 19, 2008


SciFi Dad

I hope things get better for you soon Sandra.


But.....I thought the thing that started with 'c' that made you smile was *Crazymumma*.

anyhooooo. I had some chocolate the other day. organic with a hint of masala(!!!!) in it. It blew my little tiny brain.

Rosebud & Papoosie Girl

Three cheers for chocolate! Feel better.


Ohhh, Nutella. It makes my toes curl. So good on graham crackers.

Feel better soon, Sandra.

Lisa b

awesome list.


wow. you and I had the same week (well, similar, not the exact same) but I neglected to make myself feel better with chocolate. WHAT WAS I THINKING?!


I actually can't think of a better first meal post illness. Chocolate never ever lets you down. Word.


hmmm, now i want chocolate. darn you! :-P


Amen to all of that!

Lady M

Yeah, baby! Dark chocolate gets extra points.


there really is no better medicine...
feel better


Absolutely sistah!


Feel better, S. Chocolate heals all things. Or maybe that is supposed to be time. Nope, pretty sure it is chocolate. ;)


I'm glad you're feeling better.

I saw a t-shirt once that showed the chemical structure of chocolate and then said "Chocolate: Better Living Through Chemistry". And I kick myself DAILY for not buying that shirt right then.


I'm afraid to buy that chocolate hazelnut spread specifically because I will eat it straight out of the jar.

My favourite saying theses days?

"I'm a chocoholic, but with booze."


You are such a goofball. lol

I was eating a minty chocolate as I was reading this, btw.



You are so very right! This crappyfudge chocolate I was supposed to be giving to my mother as a gift is hitting my spot right now. I will have to either order more or buy something for her that is less tempting!


I've been using chocolate to get me through all my life, but now as I'm aging, chocolate is starting to mess with my life - eye twitches, blurry vision after too much dark chocolate. I'm desperate. How do people survive life without chocolate? Can I continue to function while still reducing my chocolate intake?

child safety

lol at #2

If have seen Forgetting Sarah Marshall you would remember a part where a guy tell the protagonist... "You know... When I life gives you lemons just fu*k the lemons and bail"

that just reminded me of that wonderful moment!


Hope your week got better!

My wife's been out of town all week, I now know why there's no chocolate in this house whatsoever

Chocolate Heaven

Hooray for chocolate!!

John Smith

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR POST! thank u for make me smile! :D regards from playa del carmen


chocolates are forever,never fades,as long as chocolates are sweet and delicious no one can keep it away.


I was read an article saying that the chocolates are not just a sweet thing but also a medicine.

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