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November 30, 2008


Mac and Cheese

you mean mac & cheese isn't considred gourmet? Happy birthday once again.


go for it - you're only young once ;)

Lady M

Happy Birthday, my dear! It's nice to hear from you. Childhood foods are the best.


A week of eating blue icing out of a bowl?


Happy Birthday. And, as much as I love icing, I think I'd stick with chocolate, too.

Heather in the 'shwa

I actually tried a deep n delicious cake last week for the first time - I had no idea what I was missing! Happy birthday, gorgeous!


Have you ever tried popping your slice of the "deep & delicious cake" in the microwave for 10 seconds? It tastes even better!! Happy birthday!


Hope your day was happy!


Hey! Why don't we have those in the States? That is a travesty.

Happy birthday!

Mari & Dan

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Happy birthday!
And hey, in our house, birthday cake was carrot cake with cream cheese icing, so take your pick...

Lisa b

It was hidden just below the screen and I had to scroll to find it.
This deserves a perfect post my friend.

Urban Daddy

Happy belated.

That cake brings back a ton of memories. WOW.

How does it stay moist after so many days...

I'm not sure I want to know...


Ooh - hubby and I had to ban these in our house. For some reason an entire one could go missing in one sitting together in front of a good (or bad - we're not discriminatory) movie.

And for some reason they always taste better straight from the box. Actually cutting a SLICE? That's for sissies!

Happy birthday!


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hey would you know how to make these cakes at home?


well,it is my frustration to have a chocolates cake during my birthday.I never had one since my birthday every year started.maybe because a lack of money anyway I understand my parents why I shouldn't had it any.


wow!!!!!terrific,I love it,If I have hat in my birthday,it is so completed

Eddie Storms

Your good ol' days sound like you've been in a world of sweets. That's a lot of icing, if you ask me. Good thing you didn't develop a sweet tooth. I hope you've had a great birthday week with that chocolate cake you've shown there!

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