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December 10, 2008


Mac & Cheese

Holy crap! The thing even had an engine!


can't see the picture, but I'm guessing it's delicious. how's the mileage?


Of COURSE you're happy with a chocolate car. Why, I'll wager your heart is pure chocolate :)))

Paul Newnham

Cool clip What do you think about Ethical Choclate? http://paulnewnham.blogspot.com/2008/11/check-this-out-chocolate-video.html

Lisa b

that was awesome, katie just made me play it three times.


That is pure craziness (although perhaps with a car like that I could get the hubby to drive more often! :)

newport driving school

Very nice. Very nice. My advice: Take the convertible.


very nice!it,s obvious that you love chocolates.........

Hisako Coker

Sir, order me one Scrumdidilyumptious car! I mean, a chocolate car that you can drive around will be a dream-come-true, and chocoholics like me will really dig it. By the way, did you get the car that you like?

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