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December 08, 2008


metro mama

I'm going to send a link to Sean.


I was thinking of you the other day because i ate a bar of what might be the best chocolate I have eever tasted. I am still eating it, actually, savouring it, even though I waent back and bought more.

At the Bloor St. winners on the top floor by the checkout, there is a display of chocolate bars, and one stack is a glossy navy wrapper with a little white label that says "cinnamon + orange (dark)." Go buy some. Seriously. Before I go back and blow my budget for the year buying the rest.


I soooo miss See's.

Especially the lovely sample of the day they would always offer you when you went in the store. Yum.

Bobby - Gourmet Chocolate

My wife absolutely loves See's chocolate. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, so we had to search for a healthy chocolate that was diabetic friendly. We found a company that has created a "real" high antioxidant line of healthy chocolate products that include omega bars, protein bars, nuggets, squares, and even healthy hot chocolate! The company is even launching a new probiotic chocolate in February. You will love this company and their healthy gourmet chocolate products. Check them out at www.gourmetchocolatenbg.com.


The reason why I am not eat chocolates most of the time is I am afraid of having diagnosed with diabetic.so I keep reading blogs and article to find out the nutritious and sugar free chocolates.

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