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January 06, 2009



I wish my kids didn't have sweet tooths (teeth?). I was thinking about my love for sweets the other day and wondering if it might possibly have something to do with being fed formula made from sweetened condensed milk. Yes. You read that right. My mom didn't believe in nursing her children and they were poor, lived in the country--I don't know what. So they made homemade formula. Isn't that crazy?

Anyway... I was making something that required cream cheese in it and the package had a recipe for truffles on it! I immediately thought of you. Okay. I'm lying. I thought of making them and eating them and THEN I thought of you! (If I make them... and if they are any good, I'll pass on the recipe.)


We once thought that buying the good stuff would keep Scooter from wanting our stash. Turns out the boy has a discerning sweet tooth.

We don't do a particularly good job keeping him away from sweets, but food is such a battle for us that we work for a tiny bit of balance and leave it at that.


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Carol Lancelloti

hey! i'm a chocolate lover and i loved your blog! i added your blog on mine, but my blog is in portuguese (i'm brazilian) so i'll understand if you never leave a comment. haha


fellow chocoholic here.....

check out my latest post- it might help ease the guilt a little.
hot soy chocolate anyone?


Took his sweet tooth - ha! Of course, it helps that, as Pumpkinpie says, clementines taste like candy.


There i absolutely NOTHING wrong with a sweet tooth. And good chocolate is good for one n'est pas?

There are times in our days, when teh girls hit a slump, and all is dark and wrong and whiny and awful.

And sometimes I remember how easy it all is to solve and I do everything one should not. I say. You know. I think we need some chocolate. And we do. Eat some that is. And the sun breaks thru the clouds and all is well again.

chocolate is a magical thing.

No Mother Earth

I've been struggling with this myself. Right now it's okay, because the kids are small, but the clock is ticking..

Don Mills Diva

Yup - I feel this post.

I love my goodies too and feel like a hypocrit only allowing my son healthy food...

It's just something I've had to stop worrying about as much. As for you - if he eats spinach, lentils and brussell sprouts you are GOLDEN!


At least you are satisfied with dark chocolate--the kind that is actually good for you! I can't stand dark chocolate--it always just makes me want milk chocolate more!


I love chocolate!!!!!



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Dentist Rancho Cucamonga

Yummy muffins and I love chocolates to! But don't forget to brush your teeth after eating this food.


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I believe in discipline even in eating,you are not supposed to stop eating,just minimize.but I insist eating is not bad example,remember we stay alive because of food that we intake.


my son always drink chocolate when he was a kid,he really enjoy drinking chocolates.

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