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March 21, 2009



Fantastic! Perfect really I think. I love indie artists like that. Hope the crapfest ends soon for you love.
Missing you on twitter.


What a blessing! Rock on!

And I hope things get better....remember that good can come from bad. Im leaving you the website to my chocolate blog....but also to my first blog, which reminds me that there is hope!



Lisa b



Great song! Did you know that you were on some guy's blog babe list? Weird, but in a flattering way, I guess.


The link didn't show...if you'd like to see where I found you.


Chocolate Smith

That's a great song : )
I have to admit I would have thought it was spam too.


What a sweet song, funny too :)


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That is an awesome song and I am going to send that out on twitter today. Thanks for posting.

Hopefully this could give you another smile in honor of chocolate: http://www.webdonuts.com/2009/07/the-prescription/


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What a great song!!! singing about the greatest food in the world yum, yum.

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Yes thats right, its a chocoholics unique dream gift.

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Fudge Addict

WooHoo! Great song. Of course, as a chocolate addict, I love the lyrics. All the best!


Amazing song!! I love chocolates I can have it any time any where :)



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Jenny Fletcher

I love your blog!

I was looking for an RSS feed button but couldn't find one, so I'll just add you by name and blogroll you!

I haven't seen Williams Sonoma Hot Chocolate in the UK. I use high quality grated raw chocolate to make hot chocolate drinks and in my cooking. You need one of those dinky little nutmeg graters to get it fine enough to dissolve instantly in hot water or milk.

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Yah i agree this is a awesome song and i also like chocolate. :)



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What a great song. This girl really has what it takes.

Chocolate Bars

A cute song...a little sad though. Chocolate can be a good comfort food, that is for sure.

Unique Chocolate Gifts

Though a sad story but I think the girl was adorable and has a good voice..

Here's a site that could make you smile because of their unique chocolates...



That is a cute song. Really brightens the day -- like chocolate!

Katrina Markoff of Vosges is inspiring. Today she is featured on girlcrush. http://girlcrushoftheday.blogspot.com/2010/02/katrina-markoff.html

derek james

You will be amazed when you know what companys actually put into chocolate!!

derek james

you will be amazed when you see what actually goe's into


derek james


derek james



That's awesome!


Sorry, I meant to add my blog


Johnny Krogsboll

I like your blog a lot and the way that you are talking about chocolate and your experiences - thank you very much


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Aleeza Ahmad

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Amy's song is very inspiring pertaining to the children's who missed chocolate because of it's shortage,anyway,where that song came from?



Wow i think the part is still on http://www.bazee.pk


what a beautiful song?hope you can continue your dreams......and to Lyn I wish that your chocolates business will grow because you are very generous....


annie was so blessed to have a perfect voice and a talent to compose a song.I was so touched with the song.

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