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April 10, 2010



HOLY COW did I love doing the peanut butter raspberry review the best! Those were so amazing. I could eat about 20 in one sitting...okay not that many but still, WOW!


I tried this all but the peanut butter caramel was the best. I liked the combination of peanut, butter and caramel.

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This is so yummy! Like it a lot.

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What a magnificent way for Madelaine to celebrate 60 years. Chocs with two flavors is actually a new concept. They are usually a single flavor. The brown and white Milk Truffle/White Truffle looks great but it was disappointing as you didn’t like the taste. Maybe the company will improve upon it. I believe the company is really out to surprise. I couldn’t believe that peanut butter would find its way to chocolates.

Mika has made new chocolates with Alpine milk. I believe you will taste it one of these days.

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Hmm...I will try to buy this one...

Derri Cerbone

I was a month ago on vacation in South Florida and was making my way to the beach when I diverted from what the Garmin was telling me…..I am soooo glad that I did! I was stopped at a red light when I looked to my left and saw the word, CHOCOLATE’! Well, you know when the best time for chocolate is? When you’re breathing! I turned right in and found the most amazing chocolate shop called Tasty Image. They make their own truffles right there, while you watch and you can even taste whatever it is that they happen to be making. Caramel creams and ganache truffles to die for. They have an entire display of edible pictures on chocolate and I was then told that the name, Tasty Image, comes from having your image printed onto chocolate…. YOU become a Tasty Image! I love it!
I had pictures of my family and even my puppy, Rosco, in my iphone. 3 minutes later… I had them on chocolate. How awesome is that?? I can’t wait ‘till there’s a Tasty Image in my town!

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I really wanted to eat this chocolate it is knew to me,is it delicious?



i love chocolate.its a delicious mouthpiece.

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Wow nice!! I love to eat chocolates!! Yummy!!

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i love chocolate so much! i think i cannot lived without chocolates. LOL
never mind the diabetes..ahahah this is crazy right? that's me, crazy for chocolate. LOL

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Nowadays, chocolate is considered as a nutricious food. Here in Peru, people get use to eat "CHOCOTEJAS", the are as trufas, however, the have a specials dried fruit with blancmange. It's too delicious. If you want to see more information abouit it, see: http://xocylate.blogspot.com/


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we all love chocolate very much great taste and sweet :)

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I like this post and also like this chocolate, it is so yummy and sweet...!


wow!! i love it.. really want to taste one.. weee


Madelaine Chocolate company and their products should be avoided. From the top down, they don’t care about their customers. DON’T BUY THEIR CHOCOLATES. I read that warning before I dealt with them and wish I listened. Don’t make my mistake.


This article makes me hungry......I must go outside and buy some of it......


really,I want to taste it,to prove what your saying is true,honestly I love chocolates

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