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May 04, 2010


Nursing tank

hmmm yummy.. so sweet.. i love chocolates..
wish i could taste it...
hmmm yummy..

Chocolate Gifts

Where can I buy that chocolates? I'm starving for it...hhmmm


Tasty vegan chocolate . . . very cool. That's a great alternative.


i love chocolates..
wish i could taste it...
hmmm yummy..


I love choclates.its sweat & delicious


Great blog! I'm currently on a quest for the best chocolate bar in the world! Do you have a favorite I could include at my next party? My friends and I evaluate 10 chocolate bars at every party. Only the "winner" moves along for future evaluations.

Laurie@Gourmet Chocolate Gift Baskets

That's really a great invention! Vegan chocolate. Our family is vegan, and I didn't know there was any such thing.

I'm not sure what they can put in it to make it taste good, but they look really nice!

sour sweets

Chocolate is still a high-calorie, high-fat food. Most of the studies done used no more than 100 grams, or about 3.5 ounces, of dark chocolate a day to get the benefits.


Missionary chocolates for everyone. They sure are a real alternative to present chocolates. Me too would like to taste them.





my children loves chocolates,chocolates has its natural taste!enjoy eating chocolates........



advantage of this missionary chocolates are vegan,aside from that it is personal hand maid chocolates.


I never taste the vegan chocolates ever since,so that I am interested reading this blog.


I used to buy the home made chocolates,because I believe that it is fresh.I must try your home made chocolates.

party bags

They all look sweet and tasty. I want to eat them now. My favorite is chocolate truffles. I buy it all the time.

Double Glazing

Wow, they look so delicious and yummy. I love eating sweets.

Nikita Gould

How interesting to have tasted a very decadent vegan chocolate. Truffles are always nice to give as a present (even to self!).

Since you mentioned that you are a vegan, why don't you try making your own chocolate treats? You can modify the recipes in this blog to come up with vegan chocolates. -->


we provide chocolates in worldwide. We offer chocolates in Australia also.

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