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November 23, 2010


Spangles Sweets

Congratulations on the expansion! :)

Hope to read more posts from the two new choco-bloggers. :))


We're excited that you're expanding your site! Thanks for the great chocolate tips.


congratulations to both of you... :) I'm excited to read blogs from you..


Alyssa and Sandra are both like me,I cant resist if I can see a chocolates,I love eating chocolates whatever kind of chocolates,so that I'm gaining so much weight.My friends keep telling me that is because of chocolates,but I can't believe it so I continue eating chocolates until now.


I really enjoy reading your blog hope to read more.


Eating chocolates are having a lot of fun and excitement,let's eat chocolate...



so exciting reading this blog,full of flavorful and colorful chocolates,love it.

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Great blog. Thanks for posting this article. I learned a lot and i really enjoy reading your blog. Keep it up!

Chocolate Blog

:-D I too have decided to eat my own weight in chocolate!!
I hope you'll both come across to the chocolate blog http://MostlyAboutChocolate.com and maybe suggest stuff to try (we don't have Caramilk coolers though) and maybe comment or criticise or debate :-)
Loved the blog here and have visited the new home too - keep eating CHOCOLATE!!!

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Were intersting blog.Its realy a great felling of eating chocalates.Thank you so much for this artical.

seo projects

Were great of introducing new chocolates and hope some more new chotcolates.


Wow super inforamation about the chocolate thanks for provideing by reading it i am will ing to eat a chocolate immediatley


were are great of intoducing chocolates


were are great of intoducing chocolates


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That was a great news! It's nice to meet people who shares the same interest as you do. Looks like it would be a great combination. I hope to here more things about chocolates from you guys.


I have enjoyed reading this post. I'll keeps visiting for more of your posts. Keep it up.

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