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December 17, 2010



I gave one to my mom to try and she loved it!

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I've been telling everyone about Healthy Chocolate! It's all natural, diabetic friendly, promotes weight loss and tastes awesome!!! Thanks for sharing.


I think I must have that chocolates drink.



I think I want to taste the sweetness of this chocolate drink.


I never drink hot chocolates before,I prefer to drink the cold one,

karl k

this is one good example of an incredibly sweet chocolate that is also good for your health. tasted caramilk and loved it...

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Very nice, thanks.


I love winter if there's hot chocolates to drink.

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Elise @ Dark Chocolate Health Benefits

Oh my goodness, I definitely had my fair share of that Caramilk drink this past winter, along with lots of Bailey's as well, LOL. I agree, booze + chocolate = amazing. Excellent review on this fantastic drink! I kind of want some now...

Tabatha Aikins

Wow, chocolate wine! I love chocolate and I love wine. This is just perfect. I think this would be awesome on ice slush. Of course, drink moderately. And since this is chocolate, brushing after drinking is also important. My dentist would love this too, hehe.

Čokoladna torta

I never head about chocolate wine :S tnx for the info, I was always thinking that there is only whiskey as a chocolate variation... btw love your blog :)

Sweet Hampers

I came by my love of Caramilk at a very young age. My grandparents lived out West and we didn't get to see them very often. Whenever they came to visit though, you could be sure that my grandpa had a couple of Caramilk bars hidden in his luggage just waiting to be found by this budding chocoholic's hands.


This is great! I love this blog of yours. I would surely choose this kind of present in Christmas eve.


Alcohol and chocolate make a great combination.


I crazy about chocolate.Today i know about this new one type of the hot chocolate.Thanx for sharing.


This is an awesome post! I've never heard of these, but now they're all I want. I love the phrase "boozy chocolate" too--it is in my permanent lexicon now!

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This is really great post about chocolate wine!I love winter if there's hot chocolates to drink.We all are a chocolate lover?Chocolate can be consumed in a variety of different foods, the possibilities are almost endless! chocolate recipes, from fudge, pudding to chocolate covered popcorn and chocolate martinis to get your chocolate fix.

Dalia khara

Thanks this made for very intresting reading.There is hot chocolates to drink, because I like winter.Then I like many chocolates.

jordan schuhe

dankon tre multa por tiu granda posteno! i havis multajn interesajn pensojn legante ĉi kiun mi povus simple meti intoaction tuj. Dankon pro tiu utila informo Tre Vi havigis al ni. Mi dankas vian artikolon, granda dankas vin pro viaj sharing, kaj mi tro dividi vian opinion tute ... ĝia vere bonega post.

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