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I invite you to check out my blog: chocolateratings.wordpress.com and let me know if you would like to trade links.

Miss Bliss

Hello, fellow chocolate friend!

we are in Miami Beach, and beginning a new chocolate (and shoes and coffee :) ) blog.


We look forward to learning about chocolate developments!


Thanks for sharing this list. I'm a chocolate lover so this list really helps me find the most delicious chocolates across the globe.


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Chocolate has no competitors, in my opinion. Fresh, delicious, and wickedly satisfying.
Love the pleasure of taste!
I love chocolates!

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Christmas chocolate

Chocolate has no competitors, in my opinion. Fresh, delicious, and wickedly satisfying.
Love the pleasure of taste!
I love chocolates!

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philippines gift

I love it,i like chocolate so much. :)


I love Chocolate

Fairtrade AND organic chocolate - brand new chocolate just arrived in the UK.


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Well, I was totally blown away with that. I told my wife and she agreed. I would like to hear whatever else you have on this. Excellent!

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Joanna Maligaya

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Diego Varela

This is great blog. there is a lot of information about this delicious universe.


Eating chocolates is my greatest hobby. My day would not be complete without chocolates on my mouth. Everytime I woke up, I eat first my chocolate before brush my teeth. Because chocolate gives me energy for the entire day. Even though I love chocolates, I still slim ..


@Shirley: I like your daily routine. Is your weight not bad at all? I worry if I follow what you did would be bad for me.


I also apply chocolate as my energy booster.
I just followed the known doctor here in philippines who ate chocolates as her daily habit.


Better to know the side-effect to your health and make it balance...

Anyways, back to the blog. Thanks for sharing your compilation or information about Chocolates!

Regine Sweet

Chocolates are good but we must take straight attention to our proper healthy diet.


I love chocolates because chocolates is my first love. By the way, thanks for sharing those chocolate themed sites. i would love to visit them.


we provide chocolates over 30 countries. We also provide chocolates in different flavors.

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